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Farmers Corner

This Week on the Farm

People often respond in shock when they learn we are planting already and that increases when they learn how much we are planting. What most people don't realize is to grow an onion from seed to harvest takes about 6 months, the crop that requires the longest nurturing. Onions are hard to grow so though we seed a tray of 288 onions, we only expect to harvest around 250 of those. So far we have planted 3 varieties of yellow and of red onions each with different traits and maturing dates. Some will make great early onions, others can handle variations in the weather and then there are the ones we'll harvest last and store for our winter markets. By the time we are done seeding, we'll have over 60,000 onions and 10,000 leeks. 

Handling & Eating

Want to reduce those tears? Try chilling your onions 30 minutes & leave the root intact. The root contains a higher concentration of sulphuric compounds.  Want to learn how to not cook the best stuff right out of your onions? Find all kinds of helpful information at The National Onion Association website & at The Worlds Healthiest Foods.

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Anticipation. It's been weeks now since the demands of harvest, markets and winter preparation have died down. Everyone enjoys
a break but there can be too much of a good thing. Farmer's love
​to grow and winter can feel like there is something missing in your day. About 2 weeks ago we began seeding onions in the greenhouse. 

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Does anybody else see this and feel like saying, "Come on, you can do it! Don't give up!" Planting is an act of trust, commitment and faith. We start with some tiny seed and someone tells you it's going to grow into a beautiful plant that produces juicy and delicious tomatoes. It sounds an awful lot like that person who 

wants to sell you beach front property. Then something happens. You walk into the greenhouse on January 1, 2015 and everything changes. One little plant has worked it's way out of the dirt. Suddenly our hope has new life, the doubt we were feeling turns into confidence that the promise will make good. 

Ta Da!

Lots of company now!

Looking healthy!

Love eating onions but hate the bad breath that follows? Chew on  a bit of parsley, it's a natural breath freshener. So keep on eating

"For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness"
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