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"For every minute you are angry you  
​lose 60 seconds of happiness"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Onions, garlic, beets, carrots and potatoes. What do these have in common? Trust. We plant them and the only sign we have anything is happening is the greenery above ground. Digging day is so exciting! The most amazing vegetables come to the surface after months & months of trusting they are doing what they are designed to do.

Go to the Farm Life page to see footage of Jordan using the same tool to dig the garlic!

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Long before this phrase became the mantra of environmentally conscious Americans, it was a fundamental way of life for farmers. With all of the repairs that need to happen on a farm, we would go broke if we bought new every time something showed signs of wear. Our tractors break up winter hardened soil so we can plant & our wagons haul watermelons, pumpkins, squash all of which are really heavy loads. 

One of the traits essential to a farmer's survival is adaptability. All the carefully planning, the hours of planting, cultivating, pest controlling and water only get us so far. From there our days are dictated by the weather. Well, properly functioning machinery plays a major roll as well.

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The Onion Journey Continues

 Weeks 1-27

Do you enjoy working outside? Do you have a passion for promoting the value of locally grown foods?

Consider joining our Farmer's Market Teams

As the seasons change, so does our work force. People head back to school and leave us with gaps. 

We have openings at our Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday Markets

Geneva Lakes Produce is looking for people who aren't scared off by hard work and long hours. Most of our market days begin at 3 a.m. giving us the required travel and set up time for markets that begin at 7 a.m. Once we return to the farm, produce must be unloaded, sorted and prepared for the next days market. You'll knock out 13-15 hours on a market day. 

Contact Jordan at koster_jordan@hotmail.com

Looking for part-time work?


Reuse, Renew, Repurpose

"Truth is like the sun- sometimes it's hard to look at, but you can't live without it."
​          Marilyn Bakay

You can spend a lifetime on a farm and never stop learning. 

Equipment around here works hard. It happens slowly but ten years go by and some things need a little work while others need a total makeover. We gather scrap metal, fresh wood, a welding torch & get to work. Technical colleges have been around a long time but farmers have been doing it longer. A father or mother pass their skills down to their children, which gets passed down to their children and their children.  

To read more about onions go to the Farm Life tab.