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The Onion Journey Continues

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We've been preparing for this week, for months. Early in December we took cuttings of herbs and flowers.  By Christmas we were seeding tomato plants. With the arrival of the new year began daily plantings of onions. Then came the herbs, more flower cuttings and finally peppers. In recent weeks all of the seedlings have filled the space we gave them and it's time to move them to larger lodgings. Hundreds of hanging baskets are now filled with arrangements of spider plants, purple heart, bridal veil & Swedish ivy just to name a few.

With weeks of warmer weather finally stretching out before us, we are opening up three more greenhouses. All of those herbs move into their own place. Cole crops like cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi share a tunnel with the onions where it will get a little cooler at night. All of those flower cuttings have been put into bigger pots and will really start to fill out in their own house too. And baskets, well you'll find them hanging any place we can find room for them.

Reuse, Renew, Repurpose

Long before this phrase became the mantra of environmentally conscious Americans, it was a fundamental way of life for farmers. With all of the repairs that need to happen on a farm, we would go broke if we bought new every time something showed signs of wear. Our tractors break up winter hardened soil so we can plant & our wagons haul watermelons, pumpkins, squash all of which are really heavy loads. 

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Equipment around here works hard. It happens slowly but ten years go by and some things need a little work while others need a total makeover. We gather scrap metal, fresh wood, a welding torch & get to work. Technical colleges have been around a long time but farmers have been doing it longer. A father or mother pass their skills down to their children, which gets passed down to their children and their children.  


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You can spend a lifetime on a farm and never stop learning. 

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